Math GO!

A blatant knock-off of Poke-something GO. But for education purposes!


Mobile educational game for iOS or Android.

Granular Requirements:
>>Users wander around picking up beasties shown on their screen (AR Kit).
>>Beasties are randomly placed in the real world (lat/lon).
>>GPS guides the user to the Beastie, just like that famous app that will not be named.
>>The mobile device compass further adds to the realism.
>>To capture a Beastie, the user must correctly answer a math question (K-8).
>>Correct and the Beastie is captured, Incorrect and it is set free (maybe unavailable for a period of time).
>>Questions are randomly assigned to a Beastie on the fly (maybe).

Stretch Requirements:
>>Edit or upload questions to a website. The app downloads them.
>>Questions are permanently assigned to a Beastie by the server. Which is more fun! Because a particular Beastie with a hard question may remain an elusive goal for the students.
>>More than just Math. Science? Social Studies? General purpose quiz?
>>What to do when the Beasties are captured? Show them off in a gallery? Mock battles?
>>Leaderboard? Class code?


Students need something to do in these times of virtual education. Why not send them off on an educational quest?


Minimum Qualifications:
None Listed

Preferred Qualifications:
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Project Partner:

William Pfeil


No Agreement Required

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