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KEC 1110 Hours:

Summer Term (6/24-8/23): M,T,W,Th 2pm-4:50pm
Closed 7/1-7/5

Other Times by Appointment
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TekBots Store

The TekBots store contains all sorts of electronics and modules that can be purchased for projects or classes! For more information about the items we have in stock, please check our entire inventory list here. This is also where ECE students pick up their lab kits.

Maker Space

The TekBots room features a small makerspace where students can come in to work on projects or assignments! The equipment consists of a soldering iron, power supply, hardware tools, and much more! Stop by to find out more information.

3D Printing & Laser Cutting

We provide services for 3D printing and Laser Cutting. We can print using PLA and dual-extruder material and we can cut wood, acrylic, and some other materials. For more information about these services, check out our FAQ. To submit a print or cut request, head to 3D Printer Submission or Laser Cutter Submission.