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Analog Kit (anlg_ctlr.1)

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Contents as of 04-20-24

per Kit
Type Description
1Capacitor CER 0.1UF 50V 0.1" SPACING
2Capacitor TANT 10UF 10V 0.1" SPACING
2Connector 1X2 0.1" Female Header
1Connector 1X34 0.1" Male Header
3Connector 1X4 0.1" Female Header
1Connector IC DIP Socket 14POS TIN
1Container Bag - Zip - 3"x4"
1Diode 1N5230B 4.7V Zener
1Diode 1N5819 Schottky
4Hardware #4 Screw - 3/16" Long - 3/16" OD Spacer - Nylon
4Hardware 4-40 5/8" - Pan Head Screw - Metal
4Hardware 4-40 Nut - Metal
1Linear LM339 - Quad Comparator
1Offc Spply Kit Label (1.25 x 1.75)
1PCB anlg_ctlr.1
4Potentiometer 1K 409H Potentiometer WH LNG KNOB
2Resistor 1/8W 100 Ohm (Bulk)
2Resistor 1/8W 100K Ohm (Bulk)
2Resistor 1/8W 10K Ohm (Bulk)
1Resistor 1/8W 220 Ohm (Bulk)