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Low Cost Variable Power Supply (sd_pwr.0)

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This kit provides a lower cost adjustable power supply. Input of 4.5 to 24 volts DC and and output of 0.8 to 12 volts DC and a maximum of 1.5 amps. The kit come with all SMT parts installed you only need to solder in the through-hole components. Find out more from the user guide linked here.

This kit does not come with a AC to DC power input. It is designed to easily use a 2.1mm Center Positive barrel jack supply. Alternatively there is a screw terminal block that can be used to provide power to the unit.

Contents as of 04-20-24

per Kit
Type Description
1Assem. Board sd_pwr.0 board
2Connector 2 Pin Screw PCB Terminal-5mm Pitch (5442170)
1Connector Binding Posts (Pair - Red & Black)
1Connector PJ-002A - 2X5.5MM SOLDER - Barrel Jack Female power connector
1Container Bag - Zip - 4" x 6"
2Hardware 4-40 3/8" - Pan Head Screw - Metal
2Hardware 4-40 Nut - Metal
1Hardware Knob - .25" Shaft with Set Screw
1Modules DC Digital Voltmeter - Blue LED (Marked AB)
1Potentiometer 100K Linear Potentiometer Bourns