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ENGR103 Heer Sp24+ (Part 2)

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Contents as of 06-20-24

per Kit
Type Description
1Assem. Board ESP32 Robot Board (esp32_rbt.0)
1Battery 3.7V 850mAh Lipo Cell
1Connector 1 pair 2pin JST 51005 2.0mm Spade Leads
2Connector 1X19 0.1" Female Header
1Connector 1X4 0.1" Male Header Right Angle (RA)/90 Degree Bend
1Connector 1X5 0.1" Female Header
1Container Bag - Zip - 6"x8" (2 mil)
4Hardware 4-40 1" - Pan Head Screw - Metal
5Hardware 4-40 3/8" - Pan Head Screw - Metal
1Modules QMC5883L Compass Magnetometer Sensor (GY-271)
1Modules VL53L0X Ranging Sensor (GY-530)
1Motors Yellow TekBot w/ Wheel (set of 2)
1Offc Spply Kit Label (1.25 x 1.75)