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Datasheet Basics
April 24, 2024

Join Tekbots by looking over various datasheets for common components. We will discuss what many of the terms and sections mean for them as it applies to designing your own circuits.

KiCad Overview: Linear Regulators
April 17, 2024

Join TekBots for an introduction to KiCad and PCB development for Linear Voltage Regulators. During this 1 hour session, we will discuss the basics of schematic entry and layout. Attendees will be given the opportunity for free components to build their own supply once they have completed their design! Design schematic can be found here (schematic.pdf) and the bill of materials is found here (BOM.csv). Attendees will get the most out of the seminar if they bring a laptop with KiCad v8.0 installed and have a mouse.