Thanks to a grant from the National Science Foundation (contingent upon NSF funding, which we anticipate), there is travel support for students and postdocs at US institutions to CG Week, which will be held June 18-21, 2019, in Portland, Oregon. All students, at all levels, and postdocs (at US institutions) are encouraged to apply, but priority will be given to speakers — either at the Symposium proper, at the Young Researchers Forum, or at another satellite workshop — who have no (or limited) other travel funding.

To apply for travel support, visit and complete the form at this link email to Joe Mitchell ( with the subject “SOCG 2019 travel support” an up-to-date curriculum vitae that includes your contact information, your current institution, your status as a student or postdoc, the (expected) date of your graduation (in your current degree program), and (if you are a student) your adviser’s name and contact information. If you are a student, your adviser should also send a separate email to Joe Mitchell ( confirming your student status, recommending your attendance at CG Week 2019, and indicating any other available travel funds. Your application is not complete without this letter. Each adviser may nominate at most two students for travel support.

Applications and supporting letters should arrive by MAY 3, 2019. for full consideration; late applications will only be considered based on availability of funds. Awardees will be selected and notified by MAY 10, 2019. Applications will be reviewed by a committee consisting of Erin Chambers, Joe Mitchell, and Steve Oudot.

Note that NSF travel support is restricted to applicants from US institutions/universities, departing from and returning to their US institution/university; there is no citizenship requirement, and international students of all nationalities (based at US institutions/universities) are welcome to apply.

The requested information will be used to prioritize awards according to the following criteria:

  • Speakers presenting their paper(s) accepted at SoCG who do not have other travel support.
  • Speakers at the Young Researchers Forum (YRF), the Multimedia Exposition, or other workshops who do not have other travel support.
  • Members of under-represented groups with research interests in computational geometry, whose attendance would broaden participation at the conference.
  • Applicants whose statements and supporting information make a particularly compelling case for attending the conference.
  • Other participants from institutions not traditionally represented at the conference.

Travel awards can be used only to offset transportation, lodging, and registration costs; other expenses such as food and visas cannot be reimbursed. It is expected that total reimbursement will be limited to about $700 per applicant; however, the final award amounts will depend on the number of qualified applicants. Receipts will be required for all covered expenses. All reimbursements will be made after the conference.